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Susan Chapman-Hughes

Innovative Leader of

Positive Transformation

As an innovative leader of positive transformation, I am passionate about aligning organizations with their defined missions and values. I believe in taking a people-centered approach to inclusive, empowering, and energizing leadership for all stakeholders involved.

My expertise includes identifying the root cause of unrealized opportunities and organizational dysfunction, creating strategic solutions and leading the change resulting in positive outcomes.

In addition to my professional roles, I believe that giving back is essential. I stay active as a volunteer working for non-profit organizations across the United States. I mentor community youth and help to provide guidance that empowers them to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

I am always ready to tackle a challenge and seek new opportunities to leverage my experience and reach a broader audience as a respected speaker and an accomplished author. I’m a bold leader, and a people’s leader, always searching for ways to improve and transform to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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